Pilots for Christ Michigan Chapter

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Pilots for Christ, International flies hundreds of mission each year and many ground missions.  Your membership applies to the International organization with attachment to the Michigan Chapter.  We assist individuals with hospital transportation and flights for treatment at medical facilities around the Midwest and across the Nation.  Memberships are $35.00 per year with a $25.00 annual renewal.  Please complete the informaiton below and we will send you the application or simply log onto www.pilotsforchrist.com and complete the process there.
We also have Membership Support Programs where you can help support the efforts of Pilots for Christ Michigan Chapter with any amount over $50.00 and we will keep you informed however you won't  be obligated to attend meetings if your time doesn't permit.   You will also be able to volunteer for Air Shows and help with our Young Angels Program of providing introductory flights to young people age 8-18 at no charge.  This gives you two opportunities to support our Christ centered efforts.   Just complete to information below to get started:
Pilots for Christ Michigan
Tim & Lori July 2005 Original Commissioning
Prayer flight from Michigan over Wisconsin
Original Michigan Chapter Commissioning July 2005